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Repair Services

We work with each individual customer to find the repair that is right for your instrument and your budget. Because every instrument and every problem is different there are very few set prices, instead we offer free estimates. Just come in and in most cases we'll inspect your instrument while you wait.


$100 Trumpet/Trombone Chem Clean

       The Chem Clean is the ultimate cleaning for any brass instrument. We use a mild acid specifically designed for cleaning brass instruments that is gentle on the metal but strong enough to loosen and dissolve all organic matter. We finish by replacing all felts and water-key corks, leaving your horn looking and feeling like new again. Please call or email for additional pricing.


Woodwind Overhauls

      At K&C Music Repair we don't offer a "re-pad" service. While swapping pads for a new set will fix many problems it doesn't address other areas of concern. After our overhaul service your instrument will play as well as the day it left the factory, and sometimes better. It involves stripping the instrument of all pads, corks and felts, cleaning and polishing thoroughly, tightening any loose keywork, and re-assembling. We check for proper fitting keys, spring failures, and bent hinge tubes or rods. Please call or email for pricing.


Neck/Tenon Cork Replacement

       Neck and tenon corks are like brake pads on a car, over time they compress and wear out until they no longer hold enough to do the job properly. Worn corks not only make tuning and instrument assembly harder, they can hide leaks which will drastically reduce playability. In most cases we are able to do this repair while you wait.

Neck Cork: $20
Tenon Cork: $15


Valve/Slide Alignment

       Nothing is more frustrating than a valve that sticks intermittently, or a slide that doesn't move freely. If you find that no matter how much oil or slide grease you use, your instrument just won't respond smoothly bring it in and have us take a look.

      As your brass instrument ages the felts in the valves slowly compress from use, and being saturated in valve oil. We use mirrors and borescope cameras to make sure your valve ports are properly aligned and your instrument is blowing as freely as possible.



       Whether you want your valves ported, a key extended, or a rotor linkage conversion we can help you out. Come in for a free estimate and to go over the options available. We will take the time to go over what you can expect from different customizations and if they are right for you and your instrument.